An indisputable ranking of Olympic boyfriends.

* not named Sidney Crosby, because, duh, you know me.

9. Bode Miller

The “I know he’s bad news, but I could totally fix this one” boyfriend.

8. Sage Kotsenberg

The boyfriend who seems like a lot of fun until you’ve heard him say “spoice” for the 800th time.

7. Norwegian Curling Team

The boyfriends with better pants than you.

6. Jonathan Toews

The boyfriend that seems super serious, but then goes and wears a curling hat.

5. Ryan Kesler

The boyfriend still making me love him as much as when I fell hard in 2010.

4. Gus Kenworthy

The adorable silver medal winning, stray puppy saving boyfriend.

3. Sebastian Kraupp

The “I’m getting sucked into a Norway/Sweden curling match and holy shit, who is that guy?!” boyfriend.

2. Alex Bilodeau

The boyfriend who will never love you as much as he loves his brother, and that’s ok.

1. TJ Oshie

The “no big deal, I’m just that clutch” boyfriend.


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