Celebrity Boyfriend Bracket Round One: TV Actors

Let’s do this.

For this round, we’re keeping the descriptions a little light, but I’ve listed the Twitter and Instagram names for each entrant (if they have them), so you can do more research and get to know each of them a little more. Here’s the full bracket for reference, and away we go…

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(1) Jon Hamm

Jon generally keeps a low profile, but that’s one of the things that is oh-so-charming about him. One of the most classically handsome men of our lifetime, he’s also self-effacing and hilarious, keeps it down to earth and hanging casual (wink wink) while offscreen, and hangs out with Amy Poehler.

(2) John Krasinski


There’s more to Jim Halpert than pranks and eye rolls – though his real-life counterpart is pretty good at those too. He’s smart (a Brown graduate), talented (he’s co-written several films), and adventurous (he taught English in Costa Rica before going to college).

(3) Aaron Paul

@aaronpaul_8 / @glassofwhiskey

There is no one on earth right now having more fun being famous than Aaron Paul. He has been known to call fans who tweet at him and goes outside to visit with celebrity bus tours driving past his house. He made pizza delivery guys famous on his Instagram feed long before Ellen ordered pizza at the Oscars. And did I mention he’s too cute for words while doing all of that? Sooooo cute… bitch.

(4) Chris Pratt

@prattprattpratt / @prattprattpratt

Is there anyone on tv more adorable than Chris Pratt? NOPE! He’s 100% lovable. He sings and plays guitar, he likes to eat and watch Top Chef (stars–they’re just like us!), and he can be pretty damn badass too (see: Zero Dark Thirty. also: this).

(5) John Stamos

@JohnStamos / @JohnStamos

Like a fine wine, Uncle Jesse has just gotten better with age. I like to imagine that this is the kind of man who will take you to the Greek islands, serenade you at sunset, and then give you a full body massage by candlelight. Anyone else? Is that just me?

(6) Jason Segel

@jasonsegel / @jasonsegel

This is the man who revived The Muppets franchise. If you don’t want to date that, I have no idea what to do with you.

(7) Joshua Jackson


Think of how many teen actors emerged from the ’90s unscathed. Not too many, right? Furthermore, how many of them grew up to be a man who looks just as at ease in a tux as as a hockey game? And furthermore, how many of them grew up to be one half of Hollywood’s most beautiful, glamorous couple? He’s the only one.

(8) Steve Carell


Commonly known as one of the nicest men in Hollywood, Steve Carell is also shaping up to be quite the silver fox. When he’s not making us laugh, he’s busy being a devoted father and husband and supporting a multitude of charities.

(9) Rob Lowe

@RobLowe / @rhl64

Such a pretty face! But Rob Lowe is also an actor adept at both drama and comedy (LITERALLY!), a political activist, and a surprisingly good writer. He’s done everything and knows everyone in show biz and has LOTS of juicy stories to share with you about it. And hopefully some anti-aging tips as well!

(10) Idris Elba

@IdrisElba / @mr_elba

Idris Elba is huge, gorgeous, and British. He has a sly sense of humor, works as a DJ and music producer, and played mother-f*cking Stringer Bell. It’s just not possible to be any sexier.

(11) Josh Radnor


His brown eyes alone could make you melt, but Ted Mosby himself, Josh Radnor, is also very intelligent and incredibly talented (he has written, directed and starred in two critically acclaimed films). He wrote an entire article on the importance of being kind. Cute + smart + sweet = boyfriend trifecta!

(12) Scott Porter

@ScottPorter / @skittishkid

Scott Porter has “good guy” written all over him–he’s the sweet boy next door who grew up to be really attractive and talented. This is the man who gave us both Jason Street and Pop! Goes My Heart, so clearly he’s a keeper.

(13) Taran Killam


Taran Killam is cute and talented and very funny, obviously. He can take you to all the SNL after-parties. Plus he makes fun of Brad Pitt and recreates Robyn music videos and rocks Hollywood Game Night.

(14) Joe Manganiello


This guy is on here for two reasons: (1) he’s from Pittsburgh, and (2) he looks like he does, so as far as I’m concerned, dating him would involve being naked and watching Steelers games, and I’m totally ok with that.

(15) Richard Madden


Dearly beloved as Robb Stark, now Richard Madden is set to star as Prince Charming himself. Hello, type-casting! Richard prefers to do his own stunts (so brave!), he hates to lie, and his life motto is: “work hard and be kind.” Did I mention he has a sexy Scottish accent? Sounds pretty charming to me!

(16) Jason Bateman


This funny, adorable guy fought his way past two quality opponents to make his way into the TV Sweet Sixteen. Does he have enough to keep the ride going?


7 thoughts on “Celebrity Boyfriend Bracket Round One: TV Actors

  1. I’m so sad for Richard Madden, he’s losing by SO much! I didn’t expect him to win but this is embarrassing. Come on guys have a little respect for the King of the North! For those of you who have no idea what that means find a way to watch Game of Thrones asap: HBOGo, DVDs from Netflix or the library, whatever, just watch it, you have 2 weeks to catch up before the new season starts.

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