Celebrity Boyfriend Bracket Round One: Movie Actors

First of all, congratulations to the men advancing from the TV bracket. Either I overestimated Jon Hamm’s appeal or Jason Bateman is quite the scrappy underdog.

Moving to to the movie actors next! I neglected to mention this in the last post, but as always, you’ll have 48 hours to vote. May the best men advance!

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(1) Paul Rudd

The epitome of goofy-cute, it’s hard to find a downside to Paul Rudd. He’s been in our lives for almost 20 years (!!!), starting with Clueless and going on to create some of the funniest movie characters in recent history. Despite that longevity, though, he always comes off as totally down to earth, and  like a fine wine, the man has just gotten better with age.

(2) Joseph Gordon-Levitt


If there’s a slightly younger successor to Paul Rudd’s goofy-cute throne, it’s JGL. Another show biz verteran, he’s expanded his career to become a jack of all trades, including businessman and art curator with his passion project HitRecord. He also identifies himself as a feminist – is there anything sexier than that?

(3) Leonardo DiCaprio


Yet another survivor of ’90s celebrity and take-your-breath-away handsome. Oh, and also, he was an environmentalist before it was trendy, he’s generous in his donations to a variety of other charitable causes, and incredibly well spoken and intelligent. He’s often spotted around NYC on a CitiBike – stars, they’re just like us!

(4) Hugh Jackman

@RealHughJackman / @thehughjackman

Hugh Jackman is perfect. He’s friendly and fun-loving and handsome and tall and strong. He sings and dances and is Australian. Generous, too: he founded non-profit The Laughing Man and raised millions for Broadway Cares by literally selling the shirt off his back. His only flaw? That there’s only one of him.

(5) George Clooney

“Clooney’s like a Chanel suit, he’ll never go out of style.” It’s true. Just when you think Clooney’s glory days are behind him, here he comes again being so. damn. charming. Oh, and ridiculously handsome and smart and fun (and with a villa on Lake Como).

(6) Channing Tatum

@ChanningTatum / @channingtatum

Channing is more than just a perfect body and sexy dance moves – he’s also got killer comedic timing and knows not to take himself too seriously. He works hard and has made a name for himself in nearly every genre of film there is… but yeah, it all comes back to the dance moves.

(7) Mark Ruffalo

@MarkRuffalo / @mruff221

Mark Ruffalo is soooo sexy. The scruff, of course, but also his passion for doing good: his is a very loud voice in support of peace, protecting the environment, and women’s rights. Smart, sensitive, and scruffy? Sign me up!

(8) Jeremy Renner

Talk about a renaissance man – in addition to acting, Renner is an accomplished musician (playing the guitar, piano, drums, and singing along quite well). Plus, when he’s not busy on a movie, he runs a successful business renovating houses. That’s right – he’s talented, ruggedly sexy, AND he can fix your plumbing while serenading you.

(9) Matt Damon

Wicked smart and wicked hot, Matt Damon has had quite the successful career since leaving Harvard 12 credits shy of graduating to pursue acting. Outside of acting, he’s extremely active in philanthropic work, supporting charitable causes such as AIDS prevention and hunger relief. He’s not always so serious, though – if you’re fucking, he’ll let you write a song about it.

(10) Eric Bana


Another tall, handsome Aussie–this one with great hair and cute ears. He worked as a mechanic, bartender, and stand-up comic before becoming an actor, which means he can change your oil, fix you a cocktail, and make you laugh. That’s one solid boyfriend resume!

(11) Tom Hiddleston


Unlike many actors, Hiddleston doesn’t shy away from the role that made him famous – in fact, he makes surprise appearances in costume at ComicCon like he owns the place. Comic book movies not your thing? That’s ok – he does Shakespeare, works with UNICEF, has a history of spontaneously dancing during interviews and red carpet appearances, and has an endless supply of charm seasoned with a wonderful British accent.

(12) Liam Neeson

Honestly, that sexy Irish brogue is enough for me. But he’s also a truly lovely person, a good friend (he walked Laura Linney down at the aisle at her wedding) and a romantic (he turned down the role of James Bond to marry Natasha Richardson). P.S. His nickname is “Sequoia of Sex.”

(13) Patrick Wilson


Patrick Wilson…… (sorry I started to daydream about his gorgeous blue eyes and lost my train of thought) is a loving father, devoted husband, an incredibly talented actor and apparently a trampoline master. Did I forget to mention that he sings All I Ask of You? Let the daydreaming continue!

(Editor’s note: my lovely friends Emily and Laura wrote the entries for Hugh Jackman and Patrick Wilson, but I feel the need to add one more point of discussion, because I am a theater geek at heart and Oklahoma! was the first big show I ever did. Ladies and gentlemen, this match-up requires an Oklahoma-off: here is Jackman’s version, and here is Wilson’s. Now you may return to your regularly scheduled, non-theater geek programming.)

(14) Robert Downey, Jr.

RDJ certainly had his troubles early on, but is now the picture of perseverance in Hollywood. He’ll have you laughing with his unique brand of deadpan humor while marveling at how talented and hardworking he is.

(15) Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill is mind-blowingly gorgeous, he stole the spotlight from Jonathan Rhys Meyers in The Tudors, he bordered on godlike in last summer’s Superman reboot and there is an entire Pinterest page dedicated to his smile. Which is why it’s hard to picture him as the video game nerd he claims to be. I would play World of Warcraft with this “nerd” any day.

(16) Michael Vartan


Michael Vartan grew up in France, which means he speaks the language fluently, he is an avid sports fan and hockey player and he loves his chocolate lab Mille (almost) as much as his wife. So let’s recap: super good looking, athletic, speaks French and he’s a dedicated dog lover. Just about the perfect combination.

So, ladies… who will it be?









6 thoughts on “Celebrity Boyfriend Bracket Round One: Movie Actors

  1. What is happening with this poll? Leo is losing to RDJ, Channing Tatum is losing to Tom Hiddleston and Renner is losing to Matt Damon. This is not how I would have expected things to go and I voted for Tom Hiddleston.

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