Celebrity Boyfriend Bracket on indefinite hold.

I’m really sorry, guys. I’m just not feeling it this year. The last straw, after a few rough weeks of stressful travel and personal turmoil, was managing to make kickball a full contact sport the other night and ending up with a mild concussion. I’m fine, but struggling to concentrate the past few days at work has completely taken away what little motivation I had left to manage this thing. It takes a lot of work – the athletes post alone took over three hours – and I’m just not that willing to put in the effort this year. I’m sorry… I know a lot of you enjoy this. Maybe we’ll pick it up again down the road.

Besides, the Stanley Cup Playoffs start tonight, so you all know my attention will be elsewhere for the next two months. Mostly on this kind of stuff:

Let’s just give the title to that brilliance and call it a day, k?

Let’s go Pens.


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