Hey guys! Remember me?

Have you missed me? I have approximately 847 drafts started and promise to publish at least two of them at some point. Life is calming down a little bit, thankfully. Since June 1, my life has been as such:

  • Traveled to six different cities.
  • Flew over 9,300 miles.
  • Managed two golf tournament activations and three massive workouts.
  • Saw a panel with James McAvoy. Died briefly and came back to life upon hearing his accent in person.
  • Saw a taping of Late Night with Seth Meyers. Died briefly again and came back to life again upon hearing his Pittsburgh accent (not nearly as sexy as the Scottish one, spoiler alert). Died again when I got to ask him a question in an audience Q&A. Regret not inviting him to watch Steelers games with us.
  • Went on exactly one date. Not with McAvoy or Seth, so it wasn’t that good.

In the next few weeks (hopefully), I have posts coming on…

  • Building a perfect boyfriend, parts two and three (hint: part two involves something in the bullet list above).
  • Why the endings of HIMYM and Lost didn’t ruin the shows for me (it’s been a long time coming).
  • A letter to my soon-to-be-born niece, in which I attempt to lay out a road map for her to conquer the world (part one: don’t do selfies).
  • All the amazing dates I’m going on (HAHAHA LOL JK).
  • Questioning where exactly Taylor Swift is carrying her cat (wait, Gawker did that already? Ok, good, at least someone is asking the hard hitting questions.).

Bear with me. It’s almost hockey season! I do my best writing during games. Till then, read a book. The Gone Girl movie comes out in a week. I recommend that one.



6 thoughts on “Hey guys! Remember me?

    • Allison, I have had a REALLY good year in celebrity viewings. Also, combined cost for movies + panels with those guys = $30. Worth every penny.

    • Is that the guy from the Outlander TV show? I never read the books, so I didn’t check out the show – should I? Should I read the books first?

      • Oh sweet baby jesus. YES read the books. If we were in the same city, I would drive book one over to you right after work. It is my favorite book series EVER. And the show – so well done. So awesome. I read the first book when it was published in 1991, but I think you could watch the show and then read it?

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