On life, love, and sports: a brief update.

On life:

Life, for most of the past four months, consisted of mainly work. Not much fun. I really like my job, but at some point, you’d like to get more of out life than 12 hour days at the office and drinking wine by yourself at home.

It’s a shame we don’t have hobbies much as adults, you know? When you’re a kid, you go from dance class to music class to softball practice, and then you grow up and you… don’t. You go from work to the gym to home. If you have kids, you’re probably spending all of your time shuttling them to their hobbies. You may sing in the shower or consider brunch a hobby, but why don’t we take classes? Or try new activities? Sure, the opportunities exist, but if you’re like me, you find reasons not to take advantage of them – too much money, or not enough time, or something else that isn’t entirely true.

On love:

Guys, I am 33-years-old. I am too old for 4am text messages. You’re not getting a reply. Especially not to “hey.”

On sports:

I present to you the 2015 Pittsburgh sports teams, as related to guys you’ve known in your life:

The Steelers: that guy who’s kinda gross and offensive, but he’s been around forever, so you keep dealing with him and love him in your own way. Plus, he’s kinda rich and successful, so whatever. He is who is.

The Penguins: the guy you keep swearing is going to change and get his shit together like you know he can. But he doesn’t, and he won’t, and at some point you have to accept that he’s pretty terrible.

The Pirates: remember that guy from high school that you weren’t totally into? Seems like he’s the most promising, best looking guy of them all these days.

God help me, my sports world is flipped upside down, fucked up backwards.


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