What’s making me happy: playoff depression edition.

Sometimes it’s just that the other team is better. That doesn’t make an overtime loss any more tolerable, especially when you live in enemy territory.

1. Nostalgia.

Have you seen the new Star Wars trailer? If you are at all interested in the movie, I’m sure you have. If you’re not, you didn’t. Me? I’ve watched it three times – once on my computer and then two more times at home on my 42″ television.

Confession: when I was a kid I loved Star Wars. I haven’t seen a single spin-off or read a single page of the millions of books or comic books or whatever else exists. I really couldn’t tell you many character names outside of the main ones, and I think the level of obsession that many people have is exhausting. But man, did I love those movies. I loved them so much that I was devastated when my parents wouldn’t let me skip school to wait in line for tickets when the first prequel came out – a sentence that is so depressing / antiquated that I need to reinforce a few points:

  1. I apparently asked my parents if I could skip school.
  2. To wait in line for tickets for a Star Wars movie.
  3. Remember when we had to actually wait in line for tickets for popular new movies?
  4. I apparently obeyed them and went to school.
  5. I was such a loser in the 90s.

Anyway, my then boyfriend did skip school (probably without parental permission), and was waiting for me when I got home with tickets for a screening that evening. And now I’m shutting down the blog, because I’ve never told anyone in my current life that story, and I can’t continue out of sheer embarrassment. I’ll understand if some of you never speak to me again.

But before I leave… other things I’ve been getting nostalgic about:

  • Rediscovering Dave Matthews Band songs: I fly to Colorado tonight, so I have been listening to Live at Red Rocks, and it’s still so damn good.
  • Reboots: The X-Files! (Totally watching!) Full House! (Totally not.)

2. Oscar Isaac.

Speaking of Star Wars… we are not talking nearly enough about how awesome it is that Oscar Isaac and Adam Driver are in that movie. Think about this: Llewyn Davis and the weirdo from Girls are in the new Star Wars movie. It’s weird and mind-blowing and also awesome.

Anyway, Mr Isaac has that sexy smoldering thing down lately, and it’s bringing me much joy. Also, he’s not a bad dancer.

3. New Mumford & Sons.

I was skeptical of the “we’re not playing banjos anymore!” announcement. But I am thoroughly enjoying the songs they’ve released so far – particularly The Wolf. You can’t not tap your foot to it. I can’t wait to see it live in June.

4. This Sia video.

I miss Oberyn so damn much, you guys. This is so sexy.

5. Twitter crushes.

If you don’t have one, you’re doing it wrong.

6. Exploration.

I check another new city off my list this weekend. Slowly but surely, I’m starting to explore the western part of this country, and it’s been wonderful so far. Will I love Denver more than I loved Seattle? Stay tuned…

Also, it doesn’t hurt to get away from Rangers fans for the weekend.

Go Pens. Ugh.


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