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Dispatch from inside a fortress.

I’ve actually been trying not to write for the past two weeks. I didn’t really want to put this all out there, but instead, I’ve been holding it in and dwelling on it and slowly driving myself insane. But sometime around midday today, as I should have been doing work but found my mind wandering … Continue reading

Date #3: You should see the other guy.

I went out with Pittsburgh Guy again on Friday night. Well, went to his apartment, where he cooked me dinner. +500 points for doing that, first of all, because I cannot cook, nor do I care to learn how to cook, because I live in a city where I can order almost anything and have … Continue reading

Second date, deconstructed.

Second dates might be harder than first dates. You don’t have the first date jitters to blame, and you’ve obviously had good enough conversation in the first date to warrant a second. So there feels like there’s more pressure. Second date with Pittsburgh was two nights ago, and it was… good. Good enough to go … Continue reading

First date, survived.

I’ve never received a marriage proposal on a first date, but when you’re out with a Pittsburgh guy and you mention your family has Steelers season tickets, apparently this is what happens. I suppose if being proposed to is the sign of a good date, then this was a good one. It wasn’t the most … Continue reading