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Building a perfect boyfriend, part two.

So, a funny thing happened over the past few weeks. I posted part one of my “Building a perfect boyfriend” series, discussing how much I loved guys who could sing. I went out that weekend, met a guy who started singing Sondheim in the middle of the bar. I started drafting part two, where you … Continue reading

Building a perfect boyfriend, part one.

Hey, guys. It’s me. Still single, still plugging away in New York, still doing nothing exciting except working and occasionally scrolling through Tinder. (Spoiler alert: nothing clicking yet.) But since I’m single, I don’t have to be happy with what I have, and instead I can dream about meeting the perfect guy – the guy … Continue reading

Celebrity Boyfriend Bracket on indefinite hold.

I’m really sorry, guys. I’m just not feeling it this year. The last straw, after a few rough weeks of stressful travel and personal turmoil, was managing to make kickball a full contact sport the other night and ending up with a mild concussion. I’m fine, but struggling to concentrate the past few days at … Continue reading


The other two brackets will be coming next week, I promise. It’s been the week from hell both personally and professionally, and I have had no desire to write about even celebrity men. Plus, I’m still mad you all voted out Leo already.  

It’s heeerrrrreeeee!

Ladies (and some gentlemen), it’s almost time. I’ve met with my advisory board (aka my friends). I’ve evaluated the nominations. I’ve examined all of the evidence (often “evidence” = Google image search, but hey, somebody’s gotta do the hard work). And here is the final bracket. Well, almost final. You have some work to do. … Continue reading

An indisputable ranking of Olympic boyfriends.

* not named Sidney Crosby, because, duh, you know me. 9. Bode Miller The “I know he’s bad news, but I could totally fix this one” boyfriend. 8. Sage Kotsenberg The boyfriend who seems like a lot of fun until you’ve heard him say “spoice” for the 800th time. 7. Norwegian Curling Team The boyfriends … Continue reading

Announcing: The Celebrity Boyfriend Bracket

The Boyfriend Bracket has become a wonderful tradition around here at HIMTM, celebrating the best in TV Boyfriends and Movie Boyfriends. This year, we’re dropping the fictional characters and talking about the real men behind them. That’s right – anyone and everyone who has some level of fame is eligible. Well, almost everyone. Here are … Continue reading