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Friday Eye Candy: Olympic Hero Edition.

The Summer Olympics start four weeks from tonight. That means get used to seeing a lot more of this fine specimen on your TV screen: USA, motherfuckers. And while we’re at it, Team Canada’s pride and joy is locked up for the next 13 years in the ‘Burgh. There’s nothing sexier than the best player … Continue reading

The fine art of killing, screwing, and marrying.

  I can spend hours playing the game Kill, Screw, or Marry. Not familiar with the game? It’s literally what it sounds like – you give someone three choices, and they need to decide who they’d kill, who they’d screw, and who they’d marry. The choices are most often celebrities, but I’ve had nights where … Continue reading

Friday Fun (and Eye Candy!)

It seemed like everyone I talked to this week felt the same way that I did – that Friday should have come sometime around Tuesday, and that every day was excruciating this week. So this morning I say to you, dear readers: I hope you have something fun to to this weekend. Me? I have … Continue reading

Friday Eye Candy: Sidsanity Edition

I missed giving you a Friday Eye Candy last week, so I’ll be extra generous today. Last night I attended the Pens/Rangers game at Madison Square Garden, which would have been a huge game regardless. Add an increasingly close division race and the return of two Penguins superstars, and the atmosphere was electric. Add to … Continue reading

Friday Eye Candy: 03.02.12

Ladies, the photo I’ve been thinking about since last Friday: That’s Taylor Kitsch. He played Tim Riggins, who is basically the sexiest character in the history of television. He’s in an absolutely awful looking movie that’s coming out soon. I don’t care how bad the movie is, if he keeps doing photo shoots as hot … Continue reading

Friday Eye Candy: 02.24.12.

As a single girl, I spend a remarkable amount of time imagining how awesome my life would be if I, say, bumped into Jake Gyllenhaal at Starbucks and he realized on the spot that nothing would make him happier than whisking me away from my job and my debt and my roommates and beginning a … Continue reading