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8 reasons 2013 was kind of awesome.

This might go down as the year that Buzzfeed became part of my daily repertoire. (Really, how did we get through the workday before “22 Lies Disney Told About Hair” posts?) So, it felt fitting that I would do an oddly numbered, gif-accented list in order to commemorate the year that was – one that … Continue reading

My grown up Christmas list.

Mood music: (I don’t even think I was aware there was an American Idol Christmas Album, but now that I do, you know that shit will be in a steady Spotify rotation. #Claymate4life) I’ve been slacking a bit around here, due to a lack of motivation and inspiration combined with a really busy personal and … Continue reading

Things I don’t understand.

Baby classes. Forgive me for being stupid, but I honestly don’t understand what a baby does in a music class or a yoga class or an art class. I’m not even being bitchy, I just can’t wrap my head around this. Babymoons and push presents. I hate these words with the fire of a million … Continue reading

The one with all of my favorites.

Sometimes I go through stretches when my actual life is boring me to tears and I feel the need to write about fictional characters instead. This is one of those times. This post started as a September Songs entry with some of my favorite musical moments on television; then I read this article and started … Continue reading

The things that go through your mind…

… when you realize someone you had a thing with is dating someone new: I hate Facebook. Facebook is evil. I’m going to hide them. I’m going to look at their page anyway, because I’m curious. I’m falling into a swirling vortex of internet doom. No, you do not need to look at their Pinterest … Continue reading

Why I love fall.

I’m having a rough day. I’m in a terrible mood, and I have no good reason to be. I feel like I’m PMS-ing, even though I’m not, and I started to wonder if I’m already PSS-ing. “PSS,” of course, standing for Pre-September Syndrome. September has not been kind to me the past few years. It’s … Continue reading

Live and In Concert.

If you come here often (well, often until a few months ago when I got a several months long bout of writers block I’ve been trying to pull myself out of), you know music is important to me. I listen to music constantly. I hate silence. Now that I’m living by myself, I sing to … Continue reading