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About Paris.

I was 16 years old the first time I visited Paris. I had known I wanted to visit for as long as I could remember. It was basically the sole reason I elected to take French my freshman year of high school. I don’t exactly recall where this desire came from, aside from a biological … Continue reading

Do you hear the people sing?

Today I saw Les Miserables on stage for the second time in three months. It’s probably the show with which I have the longest, strongest affinity for: I’ve seen multiple productions, I own the DVD of the movie, and I’ve listened to the songs hundreds, if not thousands, of times since I first heard them … Continue reading

A farewell to Ted Mosby (and friends).

Think about where you were on September 19, 2005. Me? I was 23 years old, getting settled into a one-bedroom apartment in Arlington, VA. I was coming off of a year living in Greece, about a month into my first “real” job at a law firm. I had a couch and coffee table we’d acquired … Continue reading

Why I love Boston.

There’s no city on earth I have a more complicated relationship with than Boston. I have no idea what made me originally want to live there. I also have no idea why Boston College was the only school I applied to there, in a city known extensively for its collegiate population. But from some point … Continue reading

The year that was.

2012 was up and down. I did some amazing things and went some amazing places and met some amazing people. I also lost my job, moved back home, and had a lot of really tough nights alone. And while I know there are still several weeks left in 2012, I started to reflect today on … Continue reading

Walking down memory lane.

Do you ever wonder how you got to where you are now? I spent a good chunk of my afternoon yesterday digging through the boxes I have stored in my parents’ basement. I was looking for a couple of specific things, but kept getting sidetracked looking through photo albums or yearbooks or old copies of … Continue reading

Expressing the inexpressible.

I hated Green Day when I first heard them. Hated them. I remember hating them though, in vivid detail. I remember telling my brother to turn them off in the car. I remember the video for Basket Case, with Billie Joe and his crazy eyes in a mental institution, which seemed to be in constant … Continue reading

It’s September, and I’m awake.

Happy September, everyone. This time of year brings mixed feelings. Relief once the temperatures cool and I can break out my boots and sweaters and hoodies. Excitement for the start of football season. Nostalgia for autumn in Pittsburgh and New England. And annoyance and sadness and fear as I approach the end of the month. … Continue reading