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London calling to the underworld.

September 29: London Calling – The Clash The only reason I have any desire to watch my stupid football team today is that there is bound to be some gorgeous shots of one of my favorite cities. Forgot to post a song yesterday, so here’s a bonus song about London:

You’re never gonna come back down.

September 26: Never Gonna Come Back Down – BT featuring M. Doughty The beat of this song is the best way I can approximate just how hard my heart was beating at the end of the last Breaking Bad episode I watched. I then laid in bed until around 12:45 trying to calm myself down … Continue reading

I type 10 page papers like four nights a week.

September 25: Welcome to Meadville Yesterday, my social media feed was all atwitter over a video coming out of my wonderful alma mater, Allegheny College. It was a submission to a student film festival – an Allegheny version of Comedy Central’s awesome project “Drunk History – and it was amazing. So it got me thinking … Continue reading

I found a dream that I could speak to.

September 23: At Last – Etta James At laaaast……. Ted Mosby is meeting the mother….. at the end of the season…. I thought this song would be appropriate today, with HIMYM kicking off its final season tonight. I’ve been trying to think of another way to commemorate this important occasion, but so far nothing has … Continue reading