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Adventures in online dating, continued.

I don’t really make New Year’s resolutions, because I never, ever keep them, but I thought the new year would be a good time to attempt to do the online thing. Again. As you may recall, I’ve had little to no success in that arena, but I’m not meeting men anywhere else, and I don’t … Continue reading


After last night’s post about the atrocities you find on OkCupid, I started a little discussion with a few friends about the fact that you can apparently pay people to write your profile for you. I said that I might actually pay for this service, because I just don’t think I convey exactly how awesome … Continue reading

The good, the bad, the OkCupid.

It’s been awhile since I’ve perused the online dating databases out there. I downloaded both Tinder and Hinge, used both of them exactly three times and promptly deleted the apps so I could add more music to my phone. (#priorities) I updated my OkCupid profile recently, then forgot my password and couldn’t log in for … Continue reading

Sunday, rainy Sunday…

It’s a dreary Sunday here in New York. It’s even drearier for me than for most, after a Penguins playoff loss. This playoffs solidified two things in my mind: 1. I will admit that Claude Giroux is one of the most talented players in the NHL, but I basically want to kick him in the … Continue reading

The Online Experiment: Day 15.

Well, dear readers, I’m 15 days into The Online Experiment, and the results so far are: Profile viewed: 635 times Emails received: 6 Emails received that weren’t totally weird: 5 Dates: 0 Profile revised: at least 4 times As for those six emails, I’ve received such gems as: Totally. Dig. The hair. It kind of … Continue reading

The online experiment.

I caved yesterday, and I signed up for three months on I had a weekend full of ups and downs, and while I was curled up on my couch crying because my hair cut got screwed up, I decided I had to do something – anything – to make a change. I’m not convinced … Continue reading