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Nick Miller: ruining all men since 2013.

Let’s take a quick break from the Movie Boyfriend Bracket (voting on the Complicated Bracket is still in session – vote here!) to discuss last year’s TV Boyfriend Bracket. The bracket was a success, and I can’t argue one bit with the winner, but if I were to do it all over again this year … Continue reading

The fine art of killing, screwing, and marrying.

  I can spend hours playing the game Kill, Screw, or Marry. Not familiar with the game? It’s literally what it sounds like – you give someone three choices, and they need to decide who they’d kill, who they’d screw, and who they’d marry. The choices are most often celebrities, but I’ve had nights where … Continue reading

TV Boyfriend Bracket: The Final!

Well, readers, it’s been fun. We’ve had impassioned debates over these men, and I often feared that some of my friendships may crumble if certain men stayed in the bracket any longer. We’ve watched dramatic upsets nearly happen (Tim Riggins vs. Michael Vaughn) or actually happen (Desmond, you were taken from us too soon, and … Continue reading

Friday Fun (and Eye Candy!)

It seemed like everyone I talked to this week felt the same way that I did – that Friday should have come sometime around Tuesday, and that every day was excruciating this week. So this morning I say to you, dear readers: I hope you have something fun to to this weekend. Me? I have … Continue reading

TV Boyfriend Bracket Voting: The Elite Eight

Well, we’re getting down to the wire here! There are two excellent choices left in each bracket, and it’s up to you, dear readers, to decide who represents each bracket in the final four… though I will try to convince you with my personal bias.

Basically, you all suck.

Desmond Hume. Handsome, rugged, Scottish, hopelessly romantic, completely devoted to Penny, Desmond Hume. My number one overall, Desmond Hume. Desmond, who once did this, a series of scenes that still makes me cry even though I’ve watched them about 800 times in the past few years. Gone from the TV Boyfriend Bracket before the Elite … Continue reading